This page is to wrinte about my teaching experiences.

Self Introduction (Details)

 I was born in Hirosaki, Aomori. Then I moved to Niigata and Hakodate. I came back Hirosaki when I was 10. I like HIrosaki very much.Hirosaki is famous for cherry blossoms and apples. Hirosaki park has 20,000 cherry blossoms and a castle "Hirosaki castle"They are very beautiful. Apples grown in Hirosaki is very delicious. I don't want to eat apples which grow in other prefectures.Hirosaki has much snow in every winter. So we have to remove snow in front of our houses and roads every morning.

 I like sports very much. Especially, I love Japanese professional baseball. I was interested in it when I was six. That's why I had been a member of a baseball club until I was a junior high school student. I started kyudo from high school, because I want to try new sports and my brother played it and he told me some interesting things about kyudo. I've been playing kyudo for six years. Kyudo is very fun for me. I want to play various sports in the future.

My Teaching Philosophy (Details)

Posted by Yusuke Ishiguro on 07 May 2014, 12:32 AM

I want to be a teacher like this.

1.Communicate with students many times in the class.

2.Give a chance children can talk with their friends in Englsh.

3.Teacher should talk with students about anything and share information.

 I think that these characteristics are impotant.Teachers and students should make good relationship.Good relation ship is based on good class,I think. In order to make such a class,teachers should give students a chance to communicate with classmates and us.For example, I talk with some students every morning and have a good time. I greet anyone at a hall way.These are  very important things for students and teachers.Furthermore,teachers should always pay attention each student. All students have some troubles, stresses and stuff.Teachers get rid of such things . Teachers must be good supporter for students.

My critical incidents 1&2 will be good things when I make lesson plan again. I learned a lot of things from two Nakano ES teaching practice. I foud out that I have to consider and imagine what class I want to do.I thought that my lesson plan doesn't have firm aims. I some times do activities which don't have aim. I should always think that "How do I make lesson plan?" and"What is the best lesson?" I'm going to continue to consider these things to be a good English teacher in the future.   

My Developments Between 2014~2015 (July 16,2015)

In my development goals, I want to write what I learned from some teaching practices. I'll show you critical incidents I've experienced.

Critical Incident 1 (June,2014, Nakano ES)

In the beginning of the class, students greeted us before we greeted students, so we were confused and we couldn't deal with the situation well. We thought that we had to be more flexible.

Critical Incident 2 (December,2014, Nakano ES)

We did quiz game, however, every group had same answers, so it was not fun for students. From this incidents, we thought the way which each group have different answers. To tell the truth, we had a good class, so we were very satisfied our class.

Critical Incident 3 (June,2015, Fuzoku JHS)

In this teaching practice, one of the most important critical incidents was " The balance of English and Japanese in a class." We conducted the class in all English. In the beginning, students could understand our instructs, but some students were confused and couldn't understand when we would explain last activity. Class room English is very good, but it's difficult for some students to understand our instracts.

We teach English as a communication tool, so we have to give students chances to use English voluntarily. However, just giving them opportunities to use Englsih. We teach them right usage and expression. Finally, we should conduct the class which students can enjoy using English and make good cmmunication with other class members.

My Development Goals(July 16,2015) (Details)

These are my development goals I would like to accomplish in the ETM classes.

1.Share information, thought  and way of teaching English with ETM students.

2.Learn theories of teaching more deeply.

3.Make use of what I learned from Nakano ES lessons.

4.Use Portfolio well.

5.Consider the Japanese teaching ways of English and have my opnion about it.

6.Make good relationships with other ETM members.

Class Characteristics which Encourage Communication(July 16,2015)

English must be used as a communication tool, I think. So students can have a lot of chances to communicate with classmates or teachers in English.

1. There are good relationships which among students or students with teachers. It is very important to communicate in English because they can feel comfortable.

2. Teachers should use English exactly and also teach how to use the grammars.

3. Make a class which students can use English voluntarily.

4. Schools had better conduct ALT's class as much as possible. Students can communicate with native speaker, it is useful to realize real pronunciation.

5. In English class, students can speak, listen to, read and write English. These 4 activities should be done in the class.

Kyudo (Japanese Archery) (Details)


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