Purpose of my portfolio

The overall goal of this portfolio is to show you what I have learned experienced at the Faculty of Education which impacts who I am as a person and a teacher.


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Self-Introduction (Details)

 Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Sae.

 I'm from Iwate.  I was born in Hanamaki city. I grow up in Morioka when I was elementary school students, and in Yamada when I was junior high school students. I came back in Morioka when I was high school students,  I live in morioka now.

 I like running, playing sports, listening to music, eating, cooking, watching American football games and so on.

I'm member of the Iwate Univercity American football clab. I'm team trainer. My club activities were very  very busy but i am interesting it. I  know American foot ball when I enter  college. I'm happy that  I can  go for the topb with my teammate .

My dream is elementary school teacher.  I am involved in volunteer work (helped the earth quake victims study support ).I am interested in "free school" too. I want to do a job in which I work with children.

My teaching Philosophy

When I take part in YMCA grobal camp , I can't speak English well. I can make a lot of friends. However I am impatient I can't express my feeling well. We learn Japanese, we can speak Japan people. But we learn English , we can speak a lot of people around the world. I wanted to acquire a particical command of English.


So, I want to introduce the effective way's to learn practial Engrish.

My Development Goals (February 13, 2015) (Details)

Here is what i would like to accomplish in the ETM classes together with the other members.

1.Learn about  enjoys studying Engrish

2.Can imagine I become a teacher

3.Can make lesson plan

4.Consider why we learn English

5.Larn a lot of English


BISONS Promotion video (I made this.)

My Development Between 2014-2015

You can read my critical incidents in my teaching experience page.


Critical incidents 1  (2014 in Nakano)

 We taught in the grades first time. We tried that we had small steps. We felt nervous however our nervous traveled sutudents. It is important for us that we have confidence in our ability and smile.


Critical incidents 2 (2014 in Nakano)

 I taught in the same class the first term. We thought students want to do funny activity. So we incorporated conversation more than before class.


Critical incidents 3 (2015 in Fuzoku)

  We taught in junior high school first time. We reflected how to teach . Our class was soreading well. So we use picture card and play.  We had a good experience.


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