Purpose of my portfolio

The overall goal of this portfolio is to show you what I have learned/ experienced at the Faculty of Education which impacts who I am as a person and a teacher.

I enjoy singing (Details)

My Teaching Philosophy(July 14, 2015) (Details)

 It is important for teachears to have motivation to study and teach English. When I was junior high school student, I was interestead in English because English class was very fun.

 In eddition, Our English teacher was looked pleasant. And he learned English with us to help each ather. His teaching style impressed us deeply. Such as this English teacher is very cool. I want to be better English teacher.

 I think we can improve our speaking ability only by speaking. I use retrace sheets and ask them could you speak with loud voice? It means did you speak in a confidence? They can look back themselves by the sheets and also I can know how much they understand the class. CLT is  important method to improve communication ability. However it is too hard for students to speak only English a hour. So I'll set up only speaking English time in a class,5minites or 10minites or 15minites.In the ime, students can try to speak only English using gestures or drawing. And pair work or group work in English enable to increase the time speaking in English.

My Development Goals (July 14, 2015) (Details)

● I want to be a teacher who talk in a foreign langage and do an interesting class everyday.  Especially, junior high school students are poor at English. Therefore, we must try hard to teach English more intelligibly.

● When I was junior high school student, English class was very interesting. The class made us smily. In addition, the class was easy to understand. So I want to do such a English class.

● I think it is necessary for teachers to respond to students. They have many questions. So we must try hard to respond to them.  I want to try to become such a teacher. Therefore, I am going to study many subjects more from now on.

Self Introduction (Details)

  Hello my name is Tomoki Ito. I am from Morioka. I came from Morioka Daisan High School. I like to play handball. I like play outside. My major is Japanese.

  When I was junior high school student, I did not like English. So I want students to like English very much. It is difficult for me to do better English class now. But I am going to try hard more and learn more things.

 I want to be a elementary junior high school teacher. So I want to experience more thing. So I want to go to many schools and help many students.

My Development Between 2014~2015

In my development goals, I wrote about my ideal that teacher I want to be. My critical incidents show I have taught to children in some English class from 2014 to 2015. You can read my critical incidents in my teaching experience page.

Critical Incident 1(2014,Nakano ES): We enjoyed speaking English with a lot of students. Almost students who were grade 5 tried to talk with others.

Critical Incident 2(2014,Nakano ES): Our goal was having students to hear many English. they were not used to hearing foreign languages. So we prepare better lesson plan. Thanks to it, many students enjoy hearing and speaking English.

Critical Incident 3(2015,Fuzoku JHS):Through this experience, I noticed my two weak points and what I should do. First, I have a little bit experience of teaching in school. So, my instruction and classroom English is poor. I must learn them in university class and teaching practice in this summer. To add this, I need to think student's thought. Good teacher can care student's idea and condition. This care was lack in my teaching. So, I need to study more. Second, I need more flexible. I should think what is good for students, what is effective for them and how to attract them. I only thought to do class well. I consider about me. Teacher should think students most. 

 Finaly, I'll talk about specific things of what I learned in ETM. Firstly, I could learned the practical effects that appear when using English teaching techniques, as well as these techniqus' name. Owing to it, I could know merits and demerits of them.Secondly, I learned how to utilize these knowledge about English teaching and Engkish teaching for class,through the trials that I created lesson plans and consumed it.There were a lots of opportunities that I do English class, such as reading class, and grammar teaching class.I learned by trial and error. In ETM2, I made English lessons without sufficient reasons that students should do the activities in my lessons. However, because now I have the concrete image that English teaching techniques will  work, I can make a English lesson based on concrete reasons that I adopt the activities in my lesson although it is not enough.Also, observation of Yosikado sensei's class had a great influence on me. In his class, students's eyes were shining and they participated the activities in the class. It means, I think, the students understood these activities well and they felt it was reasonable for their study. So I will learn how to convey students the reason of my lesson and to motivate students to participate my class.


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