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self introduction (Details)

Hello, I am glad to show my self-introduction to you.

My name is Ami, Ami Notoh.

Maybe my last name is rare, isn't it? I have never met other Notohs except my family.


 I'm from Hachinohe in Aomori. Have you ever been to Hachinohe? It is so boring city, I think.

So, maybe you don't have to go there. But if you visit, you can enjoy fresh sea food and the kindness of the citizens.

I love my hometown, Hachinohe, thanks to this citizens' characteristic.

I have been risen in Japnan for 20 years and I have never been abroad. Someday, I'd like to.


My hobby is music. Playing music. I play oboe. I have played it for 10 years...

This musical instrument is listed in the Guinness World Records as one of the most difficult mucical instrument.

Did you know that? Also I belong to a brass band club, and we have some concert every year.

If you have time, plese come!

My respect (Details)

Posted by Ami Notou on 19 February 2015, 6:23 AM

She is a Japanese actress, Satomi Ishihara.

I really respect her because of her all efforts.


I want to be a woman like her.

My Development Goals (July 15, 2015) (Details)

Ultimate Goal: After I graduate from this college, I want to be a cheerful teacher.          

                         I would like to encourage my future students through teaching English.

                        To accomplish this  I should:


1. be optimistic at any time.

   - According to my own experience, the happiness or good luck whould be gathered

      when I act positively.

2. put my thinking cap on.

    - It is sure that everything I should do is not being positive. It is also important for

       a cheerful teacher to think over the thing he/she would try to do or the words

        he/she would try to use.

3. watch the students.

     - Which words or  ways to use  quite varies by the students.

        So we should try to understand the students.

4. think what kind of teacher I want to be all the time.

      -  If I am sure that my ultimate goal has been accomplished,

          it is reasonable that I cannot develop any more.



My Teaching Philosophy (July 15, 2015) (Details)

Posted by Ami Notou on 08 May 2014, 4:27 AM

I believe that teacher should be respected by the stusdents, so

 there are  four things that I think important for English teacher.

  1. To keep a promise at any time. 

     - Who wants to do what a liar said? I would like my students to be polite and

       honest, so I either do that.

  2.  To be able to pronounce English correctly.

      - If the teacher show a bad way to pronounce, the students would memorize it

       unconsciously and it is hard to correct it. 

  3. To understand the students' thoughts.  

     - For example, why they can't understand the grammer, why they don't do the

      assigments, or why they sleep in the class. Maybe the students have their reasons,

      and I think  try to understand them is the best way to solve the problem.

  4. Never give up.

      - Teaching English is very difficult thing. I think   "teaching English" is a job that  not

         just "telling" something, but make the students become to be able to use English.

        Because sometimes it is natural for English teachers to understand English

        grammars and knowledges, but it seems very hard to "teach" them to the students

       and make them understanding.

My Development Between 2012~2015 (Details)

Posted by Ami Notou on 20 May 2015, 11:59 PM

I wrote about what kind of teacher I want to be in "My Development Goals",

and these goals were built through the following teaching experience.

I will show you how I have developed through each training.

Critical Incidents (Teaching Practice at Nakano ES June, 2014 )

  How we should be as an ideal teacher.

  - We teachers always should be a model for good or bad.

  - If we want our students to do so, we MUST do so.

Critical Incident( Teaching Practice at Nakano ES December, 2014)

  How important for us to try to understand the students. 

  - By studying about the feeling of the students whom we will teach,

    we will  be able to notice so many things.

Critical Incident (at Fuzoku JHS on June,2015)

   The key for the better English class 

  - To make the goal clear.

  - To make an effort to understand the students in advance

  - To prepare the Classroom English enough.



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