Purpose of my portfolio

The overall goal of this portfolio is to show you what I have learned/experienced at the Faculty of Education which impacts who I am as a person and a teacher.

Singing (Details)

Self-introduction (Details)

Hello, my name is Koki Ishikawa.I am a student.My family are seven menbers,grand father,grand mother,father,mother,two sisters andI,My home is morioka, so I came to school by bicycle.

My family is very friendly.

I am studying education to be a junior high school teacher.IMy major is math,I study math education,and I study English.I think English is very important subject, so I think that student studying other subject should English,too.

Furthermore,I want to be a teacher who can teach math and English.When I was a junior high school student,my teacher taught two subjects,because my school was small,If I will be work in small school,Iwant to teach both subjects like my teacher.

I belong to a cappella circle. I like music very much. My group name is BallooOooon!!. In February our group win Tohoku battle, and we will go Osaka as Tohoku representative.I want every one to listen a capplla!


My Developement Goals(July 14,2015) (Details)

I want to be an enthusiastic and affectionate teacher.I think these things are very important.When I was a junior high school student,my teacher has these.I want to be like my teacher.  He gave me important things.I will give students it,too.I want to try to be like him.

 I want to be a math teacher,but I want to study not only math but also English.I think it is important to study some subjects.Teachers should have a lot of knowlege.In addition, to learn English is very important,so I want to study both.I want to teach to learn English importance.

My Teaching Philosophy(July 14,2015) (Details)

First , I think speciality is required.If teather's knowlege is not more than student's it, it can not teach at school.I studied ETM.Ican learn English education and speciality.I want to study more and more.

Second,teacher should have heart to be considerate student. It is not good only blight teacher.Teacher should love students.When I teached English in Fuzoku JHS,I think it is important not only English skill,but also relation teacher and students.Teacher should think this thing.

Finally, teacher should enjoy task. To do class was very hard,because not only to do class,but also have to prepare.However I felt to do a class is very interesting.Recentry many people think teacher is difficult or busy.I think so ,too , bad teacher is rewarding job,so theacher should not think I am hard , should think I'm happy to teach students.

Class Characteristics which Encourage Communication(May 20,2015)

1.The making of atmosphere of the class that students can enjoy the class.

2.To practice words to rhythm and to practice pronunciation using music.

3.Speaking a lot of classroom English.

4.The teacher a good role model as an English speaker.We should use English to understand easier.


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