Self Introduction (Details)

Hello. My name is Ruika Osawa. I was born and grew up in Morioka, Iwate. I like listening to music. Especially, I love BIGBANG. They are Korean. Their performances are always very wonderful. And I like to travel. In December(2014), I went to Okinawa. There were a lot of beautiful natures. I want to go there and experience many things. In March(2015), I went to Korea with my friend. It was very intersting for me to talk with Korean. I also must study Korean so hard. I want to learn about  various countries. Thank you.

Red Velvet (Details)

My Development Between 2014~2015

 I experienced many things through these teaching practices. I learned that each classes had characters and new discoveries. So these experienses are always bringing up me as an English teacher  

Critical Incident1(2014,June Nakano ES)

→It was first time to teach students. So I was nervous. But our group coped with each other, and students looked like eojoying our activities.

Critical Incident2(2014, December Nakano ES)

→I thought our teaching skill was a little better than before. I could look hard at them, but I should be able to make quick decisions depending on the situation.  

Critical Incident3(2015, June Fuzoku JHS)

→JHS's class was very difficult. I thought we must focus on a gols, and lead students. It's important to set  clear goals. And it's important for teachers to look hard at students.


My Development Goals(July 14, 2015) (Details)

Here is what I would like to accomplish in the ETM classes together with the other members.

My ultimate goal is to get English abilities and use it whenever I need, to teach students right English. T0 accomplish this I should: 

1.Learn a lot of  teaching techniques and do trial and error them.

→I have to pursue better materials to teach English. How to teach English isn't not uniform. I want to look at students carefully and decide teaching methods. I should try different parterns and improve them.  

2.Get experiences trough many teaching practices.

→Experiences are the most important. I think experiences help me in a trouble.

3.Learn from other ETM members.

→ETM members have abundant ideas. sharing ideas develop skills each other.

4.Develop  activity's  quality.

→It's a boring class that every class is same activities. I should change activities to enjoy and study in a comfortable environment.

5.Explore effective Eglish classes.

→Speaking or writing, wtat activities do we? what goals dowe set? Clear goal is set carefully by teachers. By these things, I can approach effective English classes.

My Teaching Philosophy(July 14, 2015) (Details)

  I believe that learning is caused by a combination of experience, interaction, and instruction. A teacher's role is to:

1.Give students many chances to use English.

2.Grow up their English talents. And I make them think  and speak  through English.

3.Fix English foundamental to use Englsh whenever to need.

 To accomplish this, I think teachers need to have a lot of knowledge about English at first. If so, when they question to teachers, they should answer their questions as soon as possible. So, I think it's necessary for them to improve their English talents. Through these things, they can conduct students. 


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