Here, you can find out personal information about me and information about me as a teacher.

Profile information

  • First name: Masaya
  • Last name: Sato
  • Town: Morioka
  • Country: Japan

My introduction (Details)

Hi! My name is Masaya Sato. Thank you for visitting mypage! Please read my introduction.

My goal of ETM2 is improving my speaking and teaching skills.First I am not good at speaking English, so I want to talk with many people in English and I can't teaching English well so I must improve my teaching skills through practice teaching.

I want to be a high school English teacher for the future because when I was a high school student,I met a good English teacher.Thanks for him , I like English very much. So I want to be a high school English teacher as him.

My best thing about university life is what I continue playing baseball. I have played baseball since I was five years old. So I like baseball very much. Now I am member of the university's baseball club. Last year I joined national competition at Tokyo. I will practice harder, I want to join again.

My least favorite thing about university life is what I join new students welcoming committee. In this committie I could meet many people. They are really intaresting! Now I am a leader of the committee. I want to really work harder for them and new students!

I have learned the importance of acting by myself. Differ from a high school, I must choose classes and a classes changes with days. So I have to act by myself. If I can't spend right time, I can't graduate from the university. Moreover now I am a leader of a committee if I was late the member of the committee can't work. So I want to carry out autonomy.

Thank you.

What I learned in ETM2 2013 winter (Details)

I learned in ETM2 about difficulty of teaching English. When ETM2 start, I think that teaching English is easy but through practice teaching and make Nakano ES lesson plan, I know to make a class is so hard. Planning a class spends many time and physical strength. I think that I have to practice so hard, improve my English teaching skills and physical strength by practice teaching.

However I also learned in ETM2 about fun of teaching! I am not good at speak in front of many people, but I feel teaching is fun! I can't go Nakano ES,but when I do practice teaching about listening I feel so. Students understand what I want to say, I feel so happy! So I study English and how to teach English harder to be a good English teacher.

What I learned in ETM3 2014 spring (Details)

 In ETM3 I knew the new sense of values from ETM3 members. Every members have only one value and the way of teaching. So I have many chance to improve my teaching skills before teaching practice. I can't participate only five times but I get many ideas of teaching English. I feel I am so lucky in ETM3 mambers. Also I knew that  I still feel that I have not studied enough. So I have to work hard to keep up with the other students.

 Moreover I knew my good points. For example my pronunciation is clear. This becomes the confidence before teaching practice.


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