Purpose of My portfolio

The overall goal of this portfolio is to show you what I have learned/ experienced at the Faculty of Education which impacts who I am as a person and a teacher.

Self-introduction (Details)

Hello,nice to meet you.my name is Fuka Sakamoto.I am from Iwate.I like basketball.It is very fun! I like DIsney.Specially,"chip and dale","ana and snow queen" is like. Also,I like DIsneyland and DIsneysea. It is very beautiful and joy. I gone to there in spring vacation, I will go to there in summer vacation. I want to go it early. In other, I like shopping. My favorite shop is MAJESTIC LEGON. This shop's clotheses are very cute. So, I often bought it. My birthday is May 20th and I am 19 years old. I go to Iwate university. Now, I studying Engish. My dream is English teacher. So, I tyr to study English hard. Thank you.

My development Goals (July 16, 2015) (Details)

1.Speak a lot of members for English in the ETM classes.

2. Be able to understand and reflect om a variety of  teaching methodologies.

3. Develop a repertories of activities we can use with students.

4. Try my some  lesson's plan in the ETM classes and want to learn a lot of kowledge.

5. Learn about schools inside and outside Japan.

6. Learn from other ETM members.

7. Teaching for listening lseeon.

8. Talk with ETM members for usisng easy English in the ETM classes.

Class Characteristics that Encourage Student Communication(May 20, 2015) (Details)

I belive that English classes where learners can develop basic communicative skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, have the following feautures:

1. The teacher reviews every class to improve their classes.

2.Teacher try to communication time more with students.

3.Make a class that students can use a lot of English voluntarity.

4.If possible, Teacher speak and use English in the class. For example, explain activities, reading and so on.

5.There are good relationship which among students with teachers.It is very important, I think.

6.As students can imagine the situation, teachers show examples and teach by demonstration.

7.No one do not make fun of others pronunciation.

My Teaching philosophy (July 16, 2015) (Details)

1. When spesking, Use easy words in English.

2. Make a good atmosphere when students learn or speak or communicationin in English in the classes.

3. Help students learn how to learn from their experiences.

4. Reveal a lesson's goal.

5. Sellect activities for agree with learners levels.

I think teachers need to not only have a knowledge but also they have to have practice skills, power of observation and imagination.Theacher should understand for syudent's skills and levels. Because, if teacher prepare good teaching materials, but students can't understand it, this lesson is meaninglsee. It is because, student's learning skills is not growing. So, it is important to check my selecting materials is good or not. Also, imagination is important for teaching. Not interesting lesson is boring and students lose learning will. So, teachers need to have a lot of idea and method of guidance. In addition, it try to many times for my lesson plan. I have to try a lot of things for my dream. So, I want to study some things, for example, method of guidance, about students, English knowledge and so on. I think, I want to treasure for ETM lessons and other lessons more.

I love Disney! (Details)

My Development Between 2014~2015(July 16, 2015)

My critical Incidents show how I have heiped teachers develop from 2012 to 2015. You can read my critical Incidents in my teaching experience page.

Critical Incident 1(2014, Nakano):I was absent this. Because this day, I went to experience of nursing for "Hisopu".

Critical Incident 2(2014, Nakano):I went to Nakano elementary school and I tought English for their. We acted the game "Karuta" in lesson. Childrens was enjoyed it but it is finished only "Fun!".So, There is nothing that a material for children to assemble and learn. Therefore, I should think  for contents of learning and it is involved in activities.

Critical Incident 3(2015, Fuzoku):This year, I tought English for juinior high school  students. We thought "A lesson of English using a 70~80% speaking English. So, we used English for example, explain, role playing, activities and so on. But, students can not my explain most. I heard "What's this activity? I did not understand." So, we had to judgment  a chance for speaking English. We can not make good use of a time for English and Japanese. Therefore,  I should see and understand for children more in this future, I think. This is my point of issue now.



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