Here, you can find out personal information about me and information about me as a teacher.

Profile information

  • First name: Masato (Hulk)
  • Town: Morioka
  • Country: Japan

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Self Introduction (Details)

My name is Masato Sasaki. I'm from Sendai. It's famous for cow's tongh called "gyutan". It's very very delicious!! So when I go back to my home town, I always say "I want to eat gyutan " to my parents.

And, I love sports! I have played various sports. When I was an elementary school student, I played tennis. And I played baseball and speed skating and long-distance relay road race called "ekiden" in junior high school. In high school, I encountered rugby. This sport is very hard and painful. So our team practiced almost everyday. We could not have complete free day. But I don't regret to have joined my rugby team. And now, I play american football in iwate university. Our team's name is BISONS. I am proud of being a member of BISONS and I respect my teammates!

My best tackles in college football

Favorite music

What I have learned in ETM3 (Details)

I learned about teaching skills in ETM3. Before taking ETM3, I don't know how to choose the materialsĀ or textbook and how to teach English without Japanese. But I learned them through doing teaching practice at Fuzoku JHS.

But it was team work. This year, we will have real teaching practice. I have to make lesson plans by my own. Honestry, I don't think it can't success. But I will try my best and use knowledges that I learned from ETM3


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