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  • First name: kako
  • Town: Morioka
  • Country: Japan

Self Introduction (Written in October, 2013) (Details)

I'm Kako matsuda. I'm an Iwate univercity student.

I study education now. Because I want to be an elementary school teacher.

I will talk about why I want to be a teacher.


Self Introduction (Revised April, 2014) (Details)

I have not changed so much in the past six months. My priorities might have changed a little though. I am expecting a third baby in the beginning of May and have a number of projects to do this year. Now, my immediate goal and dream is to survive this year! ETM 3 students, please don't make me work too hard.

Guide to kako's Portfolio (Details)

The overall goal of this portfolio is to show you what I have learned/ experienced at the Faculty of Education which impacts who I am as a person and a teacher. My portfolio is divided into the following sections.

Teaching Experience: Here I present about my experience teaching outside the university using "Critical Incidents" to discuss the issues I have encountered and what I learned from them. I also talk about my own personal teaching methodology and my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher.

Language and CultureHere I talk about my foreign language learning such as my strengths and weaknesses in English, qualifications I have, or my experiences using English. I also talk about cross-cultural experiences I have had inside and outside Japan.

Teaching Activities: On this page I show and describe the teaching activities I have made inside and outside the university. I also discuss the teaching skills I have acquired. The point of this page is to show you what I have learned about teaching. This page can include pictures, video, lesson plans, worksheets, descriptions of lessons, and student work.

Disciplinary Knowledge: On this page, I will write what I know about relevant academic disciplines to teaching English as a foreign language such as socio-cultural theory, language acquisition, phonetics, etc.

My Strength and My Weakness (Details)

My strength is the positive way of thinking. And my weakness is that I don't know about English education well. So I want to study more!!

My English Pronunciation (Details)

 I don’t have confidence my pronunciation honestly. But I want to be fluently English speaker.  And I want to speak English good pronunciation. I think for that, English speaker listening to a lot of good pronunciation.

 So at first, I listen to a lot of pronunciation and polish my own English pronunciation.

My Grammar Lesson (Details)

1. I prepared pictures. And I made short manual of my grammar lesson. I made it on a basis of last ETM3. First, I made a simple sentence and get them repeat my sentence. Next, I do substitution practice. Thirdly, I gave a word and they think sentence. Fourthly, I showed pictures and they made sentence.

2. I made my lesson keep on that student can speak a lot in mind. So they can practice a lot. And, I keep praising more in mind. And, I enjoyed doing my class. I'm happy they give me good feedback. And I think I look back my class and improve my class better.

Yoshikado's Class (Details)

think that Yoshikado'sclass is taken students's learning process into accont. First, they sang "ley it go". I think it is role of warmer. This warmer let students begin to study English I think. Secondly, teacher thinking student's step of learning English. His handout is very basic and it is clear the process of making sentence. So, students will feel plain to write. And aim of the class is clear. I think it is very important for each classes. After saying the goal , they can make a conscious of today's class. I feel, Yoshikado's class is good model for my class. Especially, dividing the class to each steps. And check the goal of each class. I want to put this skill to my class.

What I learned in ETM 2 (Details)

In ETM 2 I learned to speak thoughtfully.  Speaking at a higher volume does not increase students comprehension and how you speak can affect how students learn. Student absorb speaking skills every time they listen to their teacher so it is important to act as a good example when conducting class. When conducting a class it is important to speak clearly and a little slower than your natural rate. Articulating words and trying to limit a dialectal accent is also important. 

I also learned understanding the individual needs of students makes class time more productive. Once a teacher has assessed the students language proficiency and educational history, lessons can then be individualized to focus on the students functional language level. Ongoing student assessment helps the teacher stay in touch with students language levels and as a result classroom time can be targeted towards maximum growth. It is also important to have flexibility to adapt your instruction to their needs. 

A third point I learned in ETM 2 is that a effective ESL teacher should be able to develop relevant activities that grab students attention and fully engage them in the language learning process.

I also found it very useful to know how to develop original language learning activities for students specific needs. This is important if their is a lack of resources or you cannot find the activity you want, a teacher should have the skill to create their own exercises. 

about Grammar Lesson (Details)

I think 6 is easy for students. Because it is only memorizing. And I think 2 is difficult for students. Because it is different from Japanese. So students will upset.

This textbook recommend this way. It is thought that gramner is important. But it is need real scene. Because only grammar is rack of comnunication. So, grammar and communication are both need.

If students use English in real scene, only grammar, they can't communication. But only communication skill, they will think that they need knowledge.

I learned task basic way. It is easy for me. But only task can't improve communication skill I think.

Interests (October, 2013)


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I am glad that you are finally starting to figure out how to use the portfolio. Still, a lot of revision is necessary. You should change the HEADINGS of your posts to something other than textbox so we know what you are talking about. Also, it seems like you have a lot of MY posts in your portfolio. You should erase them and put your own posts.


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