Purpose of my portfolio

the overall goal of this portfolio is show you what I have learned/experienced at the Factory of Education which impacts who I am a person and a teacher.

Self introduction (Details)

Hello. My name is Kohei Sato. I'm from Kisakata in Akita. I have ever joined various clubs. I played soccer in elementary school. I played basketball in junior high school. I did wind-instrument music in high school. So I like both sport and music. And now, I  am captain of Iwate university jazz society. I play the piano and trumpet.


My Teaching Philosophy (July 16, 2015) (Details)

characteristics of good English teacher

1.Show and provide students how to learn and use English.

2.Learning from students

3.Having good understand  about the difference between Japanese and English

4.Pronouciation is good

5.Knowing real English


 I think English teachers' goal is that student can use English.Students make many problem when they learn and use English. So, the teachers have to become good model of English learner. And the teachers have to learn too. The teachers have to observate students while doing our lesson, and after doing, the teachers have to reflect our lesson, and analyze, and then, make use of those reflections in next lesson.

 Also If students learn wrong pronunciations, their English can't be used.So it is important to teach correct pronunciation.It is same reason why 3 and 5 are characteristics of good English teacher.We have to teach usable English.

 Writing on a blackboard is important. Beautiful brackboard(letters are beautiful and students can take notes  easily) help students to learning.


My Development Goals (July 16, 2015) (Details)

My ultimate goal is to make the lessons which help learners to get the way to express themselves in English. 

1.Become proficient user of English inside and outside of the classroom

・"Outside" is important word. I think the teachers have to show model of English user. In the future, students have to use English in society. I mean, students have to use it outside of the classroom. So, the teachers have to assume it when we do English lesson.

2.Understand and internalize the broad principles of CLT and other relevant theories

・CLT is very important in English education now. Society needs communication skill. Reading and writing is important, but the teachers have to consider more about speaking. Connecting CLT, PPP and TBLT is important too.

3.Learn a repertoire of learning activities and techniques that I can use

・”Activity” is the most important part of teaching English. There are many activities to have students learn and use English. I think there is not the best activity. When I do one activity in my lesson, there are better activities than mine. So the teachers always have to look for better activity.

4.Know how to structure a lesson, unit a study.

・Order of contents of lesson is important. The former activity (a content of lesson) have to connect to next activity. We consider about it when we structure lesson.

5.Know how to teach students real English

・For example, in U.S.A, people don’t use “I’m fine thank you.” The teacher maybe have to tell students about it. So I think we have to tell how to use this expression (written in a page of text book) in society using English.


My favorite trumpeter, chris botti (Details)

My Development between 2014 ~ 2015 (July 22, 2015)

My critical incident 1 show that importance of balance of classroom English. While we were doing lesson, we tried not to use English. When we use easy English, students could understand, but when we use difficult English, (difficult for elementary school students to understand) they said ‘I can’t understand.’ I think when the teacher feel using Japanese is necessary, the teachers have to use Japanese, because the situation students cannot understand what they should do next, and they cannot do activity is the worst thing.

But using English to proceed lesson is very good way to teach English. The teachers have to try to proceed lesson in English.  


My critical incident 2 show that predicting students’ behaves in English classes is very difficult.

I think that predicting only student’ behaves is not enough. Teacher have to think about students’ emotions because they behave from emotions.

In critical incident 2, I used important word: “shy”. This word has many meaning in English education. This is related to making classroom atmosphere that students feel easy to use and speak English.


My critical incident 3

The teacher always have to consider about purpose of one lesson.

・Why do I have students do this activity?

・Why do I use the way to teach the grammar?    etc…

The teachers should be able to answer above questions. But ‘we’ often cannot answer these questions when we make, do and finish our lesson. I think we have to become the teachers who can answer these questions.



When I started to write this portfolio, I think only the way to teach and tell knowledge of English. It is important, but it is not the most important in English education. My teaching philosophy have changed. My teaching philosophy 1 and 2 appear my change. English does not have answer. Students can use English: this is my goal as English teacher. I think the most important thing in English education is thinking for students.


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