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  • Last name: Owada

Self Introduction (Written in October, 2013) (Details)

Hi everyone, my name is James M Hall but I am usually called Jamie by my friends. I have been teaching English teaching methodologies (ETM) at Iwate University for 11 years, can you believe that? I am always trying to think of improving my ETM classes and I think that over the years ETM has lacked meaningful discussion between students and between the students and teachers. From now on, I want to have a class where we learn about English teaching through reading, listening, practical experience, and dialogue with eachother.

Changing the subject, my dream for the future is for my children to be happy and my wife to be successful so I can retire in Hawaii, play tennis, and go swimming every day while she works. Actually, I'm just kidding about the retiring part because I like my job! My dream for the future is write a book about the culture of schools in Japan from the perspective of English teachers. I would also like to live some place warm year-round when my children get bigger. 

My favorite thing about working at Iwate university is planning and teaching exciting and challenging classes, getting to know the students, doing the Puean Program (The Thailand English teaching internship), playing tennis an noon, researching what I want  to research, and seeing the students grow into wonderful adults. My least favorite thing about university life is probably meetings and when I fail to motivate students.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to getting to know all ETM members. Let's learn a lot, have a great time, and I hope that this class will be beneficial to you no matter what career path you choose.

Self Introduction (Revised April, 2014) (Details)

I have not changed so much in the past six months. My priorities might have changed a little though. I am expecting a third baby in the beginning of May and have a number of projects to do this year. Now, my immediate goal and dream is to survive this year! ETM 3 students, please don't make me work too hard.

Guide to Tomoyo's Portfolio (Details)

The overall goal of this portfolio is to show you what I have learned/ experienced at the Faculty of Education which impacts who I am as a person and a teacher. My portfolio is divided into the following sections.

Teaching Experience: Here I present about my experience teaching outside the university using "Critical Incidents" to discuss the issues I have encountered and what I learned from them. I also talk about my own personal teaching methodology and my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher.

Language and CultureHere I talk about my foreign language learning such as my strengths and weaknesses in English, qualifications I have, or my experiences using English. I also talk about cross-cultural experiences I have had inside and outside Japan.

Teaching Activities: On this page I show and describe the teaching activities I have made inside and outside the university. I also discuss the teaching skills I have acquired. The point of this page is to show you what I have learned about teaching. This page can include pictures, video, lesson plans, worksheets, descriptions of lessons, and student work.

Disciplinary Knowledge: On this page, I will write what I know about relevant academic disciplines to teaching English as a foreign language such as socio-cultural theory, language acquisition, phonetics, etc.

What I learned in ETM2 (Details)

Posted by Tomoyo on 17 July 2014, 7:05 AM

What I learned in ETM2

I learned a lot of things in ETM2.

We conducted English class in Nakano Elementary School. Other ETM2 members went to Nakano Elementary School in last summer, but I went there for the first time. So, the training of conducting English class for elementary school students was very valuable experience for me. The thing that I felt difficult is planning English class to achieve our goal and conducting activities. The students's responses were different responses that I predict. It is important for me to think deeply about English practicing and children.

We learned English pronunciation, listening strategies and so on. They were the things that I didn't know well and they acted as very very good stimulus. I want to learn more about the strategies of English class and demand of English education in ETM3, and put my learning to use our teaching practice.

What I have learned in ETM3 (Details)

What I have learned in ETM3


 I have learned a lot of things in ETM3.

 First, I learned how it is difficult to make a perfect class lesson through Fuzoku JHS mock class lesson. Even if the class lesson that we made as we can was perfect, it is not always to conduct an ideal class. We must maintain the balance of time and activities and so on. Conducting a class needs modulation.

 Second, “Classroom English” is important. We tend to use Japanese when explanation. However, children acquire listening ability by using “Classroom English”. So, I want to use Classroom English when practice teaching.


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I enjoyed reading your portfolio.You really have done a lot of teaching and learning in the past year! Remember that to be able to use a lot of English in the class, you HAVE TO be GOOD at English. I hope that you take advantage of ALL the opportunities you have at Iwate University to use English.


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