Purpose of My Portfolio

The overall goal of this portfolio is to show you what I have learned/experienced at the Faculty of Education which impacts who I am as a person and a teacher.

Self-Introduction: Akari (Details)

    I was born in Morioka. When I was 2 years old, my family moved to Sendai and I raised there for 5 years. Later, we came back to Morioka.

    I like Morioka. Because there is much nature. Especially the scenery of Mt.Iwate is so beautiful. Also, Morioka is convenient to life. There are much hospitals, libraries, shopping centers, concert halls, or delicious restaurants! Everything is in Morioka!  But there are some points that I do not like so much.  One is that the summer in Morioka is too hot and the winter is too cold for me. The other point is that there are many sloping road.

    When I was in junior high school, I belong to the soft tennis club. Then, when I was in high school, I was in the table tennis club. I like exercise. I also like music. Now I belong to Iwate University Orchestra. I started to play the violin after I entranced university. Although it is difficult, it is more fun to make a music with friends. Orchestra is very wonderful. think music makes people happy, regardless of what kind of music. 

My Development Goals (July 15, 2015) (Details)

I think that competing with each other is very effective to improve ourselves. Here is what I would like to accomplish in the ETM classes together with the other members:
1. Use portfolios as a means to monitor our development
2. Develop a rich world knowledge. 
3. Learn a variety of teaching methodologies.
4. know how to structure a lesson, unit of study.
5. Learn from other ETM members.
6. Develop an identify as a teacher.

My Teaching Philosophy(February 20,2015) (Details)

I think education has very strong power; future of students will change depending on education, even society can say the same. I hope that Japan will become more peaceful and comfortable place, where people can feel happy. So I hope that children have own belief through learning other language or other countries' culture and I hope that children live together accepting others. Children have some troubles or worries. Then, if teachers can notice and give good advises, it is very good. Teachers can be able to be trusted by students by making understandable class. Then, a good English teacher I think has following characteristics:

1. Good pronunciation

2. Have knowledge about current events or other cultures and be able to use this knowledge to make our classes more interesting

3. Accept and recognize various opinions

4. Communicate many students

5.Give a lot of practice opportunity such as thinking, listening, speaking, reading, writing

6. Be honest

7. Get wind of students' condition



My Favorite Artist "2CELLOS" (Details)

They play the cello and cover song of Michael Jacson, Coldplay or any other rock song. Their music is very very exciting!

My Development 2014-2015

1. Nakano ES      It was my first time for me to make a lesson.  I realized my English ability is poor... so, I need more study.

2. Nakano ES      Although we planned the game as last activity, the students didnot use English very much. The class was just fun...  I learned the importance of giving rules.

3. huzoku JHS 2-D   It was hard for me because the JHS students did not reaction so much and we embarrassed.


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