Purpose of My Portfolio

The overall goal of this portfolio is to show you what I have learned/ experienced at the Faculity  of Education which impacts who I am as a person and a teacher.

Self-Introduction (Details)

I'm Takahiro Endo, but my friends call me "chan."

I was born in Kitakata city in Fukushima. My home town is famous for ramen noodle. I recommend you to try once.

I was a member of a soccer club in my junior high school.

When I was a high school stundet, I didn' t belong to any club activities, but I was a  president of the student coucil.

My hobby is juggling and listening to music. I belong to juggling club, so Mr. Hall calls me "juggling guy."

Sometimes our juggling club is asked to give juggling  performances in some festivals or events.

So if you have a plan to have a party or some events, feel free to let me know.


My Development Goals (July 14, 2015) (Details)

Here is what I would like to accomplish in the ETM classes together with the other member.

1. Get a better skills to teach English.

2. Try to use English everyday.

3. Learn extensive knowledge of English

4. Participate some events where I can use English.

5. Learn about Japanese culture as well as American culture.

My Teaching Philosophy (July 15, 2015) (Details)

Teachers are doing an important role in every society. The future of Japan is up to children. They can change and make the society  better. However, they cannot do that without knowledge. So teachers should teach them. Children can be whatever they want to be if they work hard. It is not too much to say that teachers is the most important of all the occupations. And what is more, children have to have their dreams. These days, however, some junior high school students don't have their dreams, and that makes it even harder for them to get motivation for studying. Teachers can give students the dreams. Actually, the reason I want to be a teacher is that I was impressed by a teacher of a junior high school. So, I want to be a teacher who can give students the dreams. 

Class Characteristics that Encourage Student Communication (May 20, 2015)

I believe that English classes where learners can develop basic communicative skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing have the following features:

1. No one do not make fun of others’ pronunciation.

2. The teacher tries to use classroom English as much as possible.

3. The teacher makes every effort to teach English, and the students live up to his efforts.

4. The teacher gives the students joy of studying English.

5. The teacher reviews every class to improve his classes.

6. The teacher makes students centered classes, not teacher centered ones.

My Development Until Now ()

I have done 3 teaching lessons at Nakano ES and Fuzoku JHS. 

Here is main critical incidents of the lessons. 


Critical insident 1 (Nakano ES )

  We planned guiding game so that children can speak English more, but they were a little passive. 

Critical Insident 2 (Nakano ES)

  During game-styled activity, students stopped speaking English and got tired of the game. 

Critical Insident   (Fuzoku JHS)

 Before starting the activity, we explained what to do in English. But most of the students did not seem to understand what to do.

Juggling (Details)


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