Purpose of my portfolio

The overall goal of this portfolio is to show you what I have learned/ experienced at the Facyory of Education which impacts who I am as a person and a teacher.

Self Introduction: Haruka (Details)

Hello I'm Haruka. I am an Iwate University student. I live in Yahaba town. I grew up at this town.Yahaba is very beautiful town.  I like playing softball. I belonged to softball club. Now I did not play it. I was the captain of hte softball club in Morioka Ⅳ high school.

I belong to Scuba Diving Circle "AQUARIUS". I sometimes do scuba diving now. This is very interesting.  I go to Okinawa every year March.  And I like watching movies. I go to theater in holidays. I  want to watch a lot of  foreign films. 

I love DISNEY . Especially, disney movies, music and  chalacter. I would like to go to disney land and disney sea once a month.

My family is four, father, mother and sister. My father work for TOYOTA. He is very severe. He often says "Haruka, study now!".But I love him because he take me in many places. My mother is very cool. She has continued to softball from the time she is 10 years old. My sister's name is Kana. We are very good sisters. we often do shopping. She will marry in September of this year. I am very glad.  There is an important family. His name is Ponta. He is very cute dog. I love him too much. I am often taking his picture.

Scuba Diving in OKINAWA (Details)

My Development Between 2014~2015

Critical Incident 1 (2014 Nakano ES): This is my first teaching class. I was very nervus. But I have kept in mind yo enjoy myself. Because I thought that should not be transmitted tensions in students. As a result, students learned english and enjoyed the class.

Critical Incident 2 (2014 Nakano ES): We had prepared device that students enjoy. But our English was not tell for sudents. I think that it is difficult for students to understand. I noticed that we should think English words according to the age.

Critical Incident 3 (2015 Fuzoku JHS): There were a lot of incident. First, we could not do  activities of the time schedule. We should have been prepared more. And we should have been practiced the class. Second, I could not speak English naturaly. The friends of the group were able to do it. I thought that I need learn English. and practice speaking English smoothly.


My Development Goals (JUly 14, 2015) (Details)

 Here is what I would like to accomplish in the ETM classes together with the other members:

1 Learn a lot of English knowledge.

 This is the most important thing in order to become an English teacher. I should learn JHS English again. By doing so I can realize what kind of a point difficult for students. And, If I become a teacher, I must answer the question from students. So I should learn a lot now.

2 Be able to communicate and tell my opinion in Eniglish  to other ETM members.

 Speaking English is very difficult for us. So we should practice each other. There are friends that speak English very well. I would like to learn from these friends. ETM class is suitable for the practice of English.

3 Listen and learn various thoughts from other members .

ETM member is very clever. And there are alot of people who have the idea that different from me. I would like to this thing from other members. Because I think that my thought and idea are immature.

4 Be able to talk about an ideal teacher image each other.

Teacher image is different. It is important to stick to my thoughts. But Is is important to know different thoughts too. We can learn not only from teacher but also from oter members. I would like to kept it in mind. 

5 Know the present conditions of the English education of Japan

Education of Japan has changed from when I was in JHS stuents. Especially English has changed. Now, English class is mostly conduct in English. It is different from us. So It is verydifficult. But This is  not change that education is very important for children. So we should know current status of English education. THis is important for me to become a teacher. 

My teaching Philosophy (July 14, 2015) (Details)

I believe that people learn though experience. A teacher's role is to

1 Tell the students to pleasure of using English.

 I think that a lot of students think "English is difficult". I would like to change this image. It is difficult to learn a language other than their native language.  Therefore I should think the class that students think "enjoy", "I underatand".

2 Provide a lot of chance to speak, listen and write for student. And they can communicate in English for each other.

 I would like to make the time of using  English. Especially speaking skill is important. So I should make the chance of speak English.

3 I tell  a lot of things about not English but also other important  things.

 I think that it is important for students not only English but also other thing. So I want to tell the students. For example, the importance of friends, family etc. Because they give you a lot of influence. Involvement with them will lead to the improvement of academic achievement.

To accompolish, I think teacher shoud experience a lot of things and learn a lot of English knowlegde .The teacher should experience various things in colledge. In speaking one's experience,It is easy  for students to understand.

And, I would like to communicate with students by not only to class but also everyday life. It is important for class to know students well.


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