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  • First name: Shunsei
  • Country: Japan
  • Display name: Shunsei

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I'm in Thai market.

Self-Introduction (Details)

Hello!! My name is Shunsei. Call me Shunsei.I'm a member of baseball club.I like baseball very much . I like Boston Red Sox. I'm a big fan of Big Papi.

My goals for ETM2 are getting essential attributes for good teachers for example,patience,flexibility and positive attitude.And another goal is getting knowledge for teaching.

My dream is being a good teacher. But I haven't had knowledge and experience of teaching yet. So, I want to get them in ETM2. I'll study hard.

So far,my best thing about university life is baseball life.We practice it every morning at 6:00 AM.It is very hard.But it is very a lot of fun.

Nice to meet you. Have a nice day!

My Teaching Strengths Weaknesses and how I will Improve(2013 10/18) (Details)

I think I has a little strengths as a teacher . Because I have no experience as a teacher. so,I need experience,knowledge(about English and teaching)and making effort. Then,one of my strength point is I'm a positive person. Also,though I'm not the most positive person in the world but I try to be positive and take a positive attitude. Next,I have curiosities about many things. For example,I'm a member of Japanese section course but I'm learning english and Japanese education in foreign countories.

Then,also I have many many things I have to improve.First, my English ability is poor. I'm not good at English. I want to improve my pronanciation,communication,grammar ,hearing and speaking in English.

Next, I have a little knowledge of teaching.I have no experience of real teaching in class and I have not learned teaching methods deeply yet.So,I have to work hard from now on.

Finally,I'm poor at computer. So,I was late for handing in this assignment. I think in latest world,teachers need computer skills.So,I practice it.

In ETM2 ,I want to improve my strengths and weekpoins much more .So,I'll work hard and do my best. To be concrete, I'll study the textbook deeply, I'll take a positive attitude in class and communicate with classmates and teachers actively. And I'll do my homework very hard in Moodle. Like this, I want to get knowledge and technique of teachng and English. Also,I'll overcome computer. And I'll become positive person.

My Teaching Strengths Weaknesses and how I will Improve(2015 2/12) (Details)

I learned many things through ETM2, ETM3 and 英語科教育法特別演習. And I took part in Puean Program 2015 In Thailand. I had a good experience. So, my teaching strengths and weaknesses have changed a little.

 First, one of my teaching strength is I can relax in class. I did many class In ES, JHS and foreign countries. And I went to Teaching Practice  in Fuzoku JHS. I'm not shy and nervous in classroom. This is the best point of my teaching.

 Second, getting interesting ideas is my strength. I want students to enjoy English. I want to make my class joyful and active. So, I plan my lesson and activities in tha glance of the students. I always keep in  mind this class is really interesting for children or not.

 On the other hand, I have a big weakness. It is English ability. My pronunciation, grammer, vocabulary, and writing are not perfect. I need to study more and more. But I went to the Thailand in this January. I have to communicate with Thai people only in English. So, my English speaking ability developed. But it's not enough. So, I'd like to study English, read books and communicate with foreigin people in English. And I want to aquire good English.

What I learned in ETM2(2013 Winter) (Details)

 The most impressing thing was teaching practice in NAKANO ES. Through this big experience, I learned that In elementaly school, it is the most impotant to enjoy English. So, to plan interesting activities is teacher's role. Children learn English rule through enjoying English acitivity.

What I learned in ETM3(2014 Summer) (Details)

 First, I learned a lot of teaching method of Reading, grammar and CLT. And I saw alot of classes of other teachers. Yoshikado sensei's class was good for me to consider real Junior high school education in English. I thought teaching in English is very difficult and there are a lot of teaching methods of English. It is most important for teachers to think students deeper. We shoukld care student's ability , student's interest and student's idea. And we should plan teaching in the right way for the students.

 I learend a lot fo things in ETM3. And I noticed my stregth and weekness of an English teacher. And we have teaching practice in this summer. I will refrect what I learned in ETM3 and I want to do good class!

What I learned in 英語科教育法特別講義(2014 Summer) (Details)

 We went to FUZOKU JHS for teaching English. It was first time to teach in JHS. So, it waws very hard to plan , make teaching materials and work sheet. My class didn't go well. I learned many things from this experience. I have a lot of things to improve. First , teacher shouldn't talk too much in class. Second, instruction is most important in class. Finally, we must practice English because teachers in JHS have to teach English only using English. So, I need more study and practice. 

Guide to Shunsei's Portfolio (Details)

The overall goal of this portfolio is to show you what I have learned/ experienced at the Faculty of Education which impacts who I am as a person and a teacher. My portfolio is divided into the following sections.

Critical Incidents: Here I present about my experience teaching outside the university using "Critical Incidents" to discuss the issues I have encountered and what I learned from them. I also talk about my own personal teaching methodology and my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher.

Language and CultureHere I talk about my foreign language learning such as my strengths and weaknesses in English, qualifications I have, or my experiences using English. I also talk about cross-cultural experiences I have had inside and outside Japan.

Teaching Activities/Theory: On this page I show and describe the teaching activities I have made inside and outside the university. I also discuss the teaching skills I have acquired. The point of this page is to show you what I have learned about teaching. This page can include pictures, video, lesson plans, worksheets, descriptions of lessons, and student work.

Disciplinary Knowledge: On this page, I will write what I know about relevant academic disciplines to teaching English as a foreign language such as socio-cultural theory, language acquisition, phonetics, etc.


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